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This is the first attempt at a website for St. Margaret's. What do you think?

Please send any ideas or comments to Even if you haven't got any comments to make, drop us an e-mail anyway so that we know that we haven't wasted our time!!

For members of the St. Margaret's congregation:
Not all the various groups and organisations at St. Margaret's are included on this site, so please consider contributing something about the activities you are involved in. We will also try and include any other articles about St. Margaret's or the Church and Christian life in general. Contributions can be sent to or given to Ian Smyth or Clive Pooley at church on a 3.5" disk.

If you want to know more about St. Margaret's and what we get up to phone the office on 020 8594 2932, or e-mail Revd Clive Pooley or Ian Smyth. Better still, why not come along and see us?