Saint Margarets Church Barking

Where People Come to Rejoice

Saint Margarets’s Mission Statement

St Margaret’s Church is called to glorify God through Jesus Christ

St Margaret’s Mission Statement

Giving thanks to God for the Christian heritage of prayer, worship, service, community and hospitality in this place:

Seeking God’s kingdom to come, we commit ourselves, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to:

Love and Worship God, making prayer and worship central to our lives by:

  • Daily prayer and reading of the Bible, regular worship together, and receiving of Holy Communion, praise of God and listening to God.

Disciple people of all ages to be followers of Jesus Christ by:

  • Providing ways for people to explore the Christian faith, and to make commitments in Baptism and Confirmation.
  • Encouraging development of gifts, abilities, and vocations so that people grow to maturity in their faith.

Support Christian families in discipling children and young people to be followers of Jesus Christ by:

  • Strong links with St. Margaret’s Church of England Primary School.
  • The work of the Children’s and Youth Ministry.

Reflect God’s love in our lives by:

  • Developing relationships of openness and honesty with one another.
  • Welcoming all whom God brings to us.
  • Rejoicing in our diversity as a gift from God to be celebrated.
  • Seeking God’s wholeness and healing in our lives.

Speak faithfully and lovingly to our community and nation of God’s justice, peace and love by:

  • Praying and campaigning for a just world, and seeking to be peacemakers.
  • Acting in an environmentally friendly way in all we do, supporting Fair Trade.
  • Keeping open and honest relationships with our borough.

Preserve our heritage and serve our community by:

  • Maintaining our buildings as places of welcome and prayer.
  • Seeking to provide appropriate spiritual and pastoral support for those who visit our church and centre.

To the glory, honour, and praise of God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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