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Launch Questionnaires

- The Results

33 of you filled in questionnaires at the Youth Events launch - 55% of you were female, 33% male and 12% of you were unsure! 6% of you were under 11, 69% were between 11 and 16, 3% were over 16, and 15% of you were unsure!

You were much more certain about what music you liked though. 70% of you like RnB and 36% like Hip Hop. After that the numbers were much smaller with 18% liking Rock and another 18% liking Pop. 15% of you like Garage.

You were more evenly split on activities. The most popular activities were DJing (21%), MCing (21%) and Songwriting (21%). Videoing, graffitti, singing and art all scored well at 15% apiece. Dancing came in with 14%, drama with 12% and shopping also with 12%. There were a wide range of sports that you said you liked - netball (15%), basketball (12%), football (12%), rugby (9%), swimming (3%), running (3%) and pool (3%).

Thanks to everyone that filled in a questionnaire. We will use the results to plan future events.





















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