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During SOULINTHECITY local churches began working together to organise youth events for young people in Barking. After SOULINTHECITY these churches wanted to carry providing events for young people and have raised over £10,000 from the Local Network Fund, 'Minted' - a Church of England Youth Fund, and Help A London Child to set up an ongoing programme of cafe nights, sports sessions, arts workshops and concerts.





If you would like to be part of the group planning and praying for SOULINTHECITY - BARKING&DAGENHAM, contact Santou Beurklian-Carter on 07939876045.



Objective -

  • To mobilise the Church's young people, alongside the wider church, to transform London's communities

Stakeholder partnerships with…

  • Young People through being members of SITC teams
  • Youth and Community Leaders particularly through the grassroots Networking Team
  • Church's through our partnership Church scheme
  • Communities through community enhancing projects
  • Government through Home Office, Office Deputy Prime Minister, Government Office for London and GLA etc
  • Police through Safer Neighbourhood programme
  • Charities through alliances to resource local churches
  • SITC through the ongoing sharing of resources and models of best practice for local church community engagement i.e. through the web site and partners

Outcomes -

  • For Christian YOUNG PEOPLE as active community citizens to experience the power of faith and the gospel in action
  • For Christian YOUTH AND COMMUNITY LEADERS to be encouraged, supported and resourced and supported in their work in and through the Church's
  • For the Christian CHURCH'S of all traditions to build capacity for community transformation by working together with one another, government and the police
  • For COMMUNITIES to benefit from community regeneration (cleaning up parks & painting flats etc), community cohesion (open & inclusive community events) and crime diversion (pro-active & positive youth activities) projects
  • For central, regional and local GOVERNMENT to achieve new levels of local partnership with churches
  • For the Metropolitan POLICE Service to achieve new levels of local partnership in the boroughs with the churches through the Safer Neighbourhood programme
  • For CHARITIES to develop a new level of connection, partnership and serving of local churches and new collaborative ways of working

Outputs -

Themed annual focuses… some suggestions are

  • 2007 - 200th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery
  • 2008 - Sport linked into Bejing Olympics
  • 2009 - TBC (Soul Action: SoulintheCity Durban, South Africa)
  • 2010 - Four large regional flagships events
  • 2011 - Borough capacity building for 2012
  • 2012 - London Olympics perhaps Community Olympics



Launch Night

The SOULINTHECITY - BARKING&DAGENHAM programme of events was launched at a Cafe Night on 23rd April 2005 in the St Margaret's Centre. Young people completed questionnaires about the kind of sports and arts they were interested in. Click here for the results. Act Won, a South African drama group, performed and there were playstations, dance mats, arts & crafts and refreshments. Click here for Cafe Night photos.



Past events

Following the success of Soul Week 2 we are have planned more SOULINBARKING&DAGENHAM events for the autumn and New Year:

  • Sports Session. 3.30 - 5.30pm, Saturday 4th November. Robert Clack School, Gosfield Road, Dagenham RM8 1JU. Try out a variety of different sports in this free sports session for young people.
  • Cafe Night. 7.30 - 9.30pm, Friday 24th November at the Salvation Army Barking, 240 Ripple Road, Barking IG11 7DJ. The evening will include music, games, crafts, playstations together with worship. If you have a playstation and TV that you could loan for the evening, please let Nigel Schultz know by emailing to Nigel.Schultz@salvationarmy.org.uk.

We also plan to organise Street Dance and MCing workshops on Saturday 13th January 2007. In the meantime here are some other events happening that you should check out:

  • Saturday 30th September: Voxette - the Kristinehamn Youth Choir concert. 7.30pm, St Margaret's Church. All are welcome to this free concert to hear Voxette, the Youth Choir from our link parish of Kristinehamn in Sweden, perform a variety of Swedish and English songs.
  • Saturday 7th October: thebandwithnoname in concert. Elim Christian Centre, Axe Street, Barking IG11 7LZ. The Gathering on Tour features high impact worship, top UK Christian band - thebandwithnoname - and Serious4God national director Mark Pugh, who will bring a powerful challenge. To book tickets either phone 020 8591 2323 or click here.
  • Friday 20th October: London Community Gospel Choir. 7.30pm, The Broadway Theatre, Barking. The London Community Gospel Choir are known for their funky gospel flair, swing-beat, R’n’B and soulful arrangements. Their dynamic melodies, rich harmonies and inspiring energy will leave you spellbound. There is also a LCGC Singing Workshop where you’ll be coached to perform a piece with the choir as part of the evening concert. Tickets for the concert are £14 or £12 for concessions. To book tickets, call 020 8507 5607.


A Games Afternoon happened at the St Margaret's Centre on Saturday 21st May 2005. There was sports on the Abbey green (rounders, short cricket, tug of war etc.), a design & printmaking workshop, playstations & refreshments in the Centre. Click here for Games Afternoon photos.

A Sports Session happened at Barking Abbey School Leisure Centre on Saturday 2nd July 2005. There was a wide range of activities including basketball, cricket, dance, football and tennis among others. Click here for Sports session photos.

Fashion & Design, Football & Sports Tricks. Over 70 came to these workshops which happened on Saturday 10th September 2005 at the St Margaret's Centre. In the Fashion & Design workshop young people tried T-shirt customising, re-worked jeans and created accessories from scratch. In the Football & Sports Tricks workshop young people learnt from an FA approved football coach to enhance their skills, passing techniques and shooting abilities and to learn sports tricks. Click here for Workshop photos.

Innervation Tour: thebandwithnoname and tbc. thebandwithnoname and tbc played Ripple Hall in December as part of the Innervation Tour. Rap, hip-hop and nu-metal band, thebandwithnoname, are arguably the most requested Christian band in the UK. In the autumn of 2002, thebandwithnoname became the first Christian band to perform sixty concerts in less than 90 days in the UK! As sister band to thebandwithnoname, tbc's explosive pop music coupled with amazing choreographed dance routines has already seen them playing stages across Europe and all over the UK where they have so far had a phenomenal response. Click here for gig photos.

A second Sports Session happened at Barking Abbey School Leisure Centre on Saturday 21st January 2006. This time the activities were basketball, dance and football. Click here for Sports session photos.

DJ, MC & Rap, Break Dance & Street Dance workshops: On Saturday 4th March at the St Margaret's Centre we had four workshops on DJing, MCing & Rap, Break dancing and Street dance. 40 young people learnt to write & deliver raps in Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Garage & Beat styles; learnt about record decks, different musical styles, mixing 2 tunes together & 'scratching'; learnt to 'break' with the professionals trying a wide range of moves and learning coordination, movement & rhythm. Click here for workshop photos.

Community Project: Our first Community Project of 2006 was to decorate the Advice Centre on the Thames View Estate. We did this project together with the borough's Youth Offending Team in the weeks commencing 27th February 2006. Revd. David Pearson of Christ Church Thames View said: "The job was quickly done and well done. The team were very flexible in tackling the job and the result is excellent. The supervision and management of the project seemed to have been very professional. I am sure that the users will greatly appreciate the clean fresh look. I know the staff do. Many thanks for a job well done."

Sports session: Our third Sports Session happened at Barking Abbey School Leisure Centre on Saturday 25th January from 2.00 - 4.00pm. Admission was free to young people aged 10 and above who came to try a wide range of different sports.

Soul Week 1

Soul Week 1 ran from 13th-20th May 2006 and included a graffiti art workshop, a Cafe Night and a Community Project.

Graffiti Art workshop: Saturday 13th May, 1-5pm. 20 young people learnt can-control & design and created six pieces of graffiti art from start to finish. Click here for photos.

Rylands Community Project: Six skiploads of rubbish were removed from alleyways on the Rylands Estate, Dagenham through this project. The work involved clearing alleyways of vegetation, weeds and rubbish and was carried out Monday to Saturday in two daily two hour work sessions - 10.00am - 12 noon and 1.00pm - 3.00pm. Volunteers came for as many or as few sessions as they could manage. Click here for photos.

Cafe Night: Saturday 20th May, 7.30-9.30pm. DJ, Worship band, playstations, dance mats, Bishop of Barking, & refreshments. Click here for photos.

Soul Week 2

Mission for the modern day - that was the quote in the Barking & Dagenham Recorder who gave a double page spead to our Soul Week projects and events.

Here is a selection of the quotes that the Recorder printed:

"Soul in the City is about getting out and showing the community that Christian churches are there for them. That's mission work in the modern day." Marie Polley - St Margaret's Barking

Graffiti Artist AKS who led the graffiti art workshop which produced a mural at Newlands Park stressed that the mural carried a Christian message as the words in it - "one, heart, soul, unity, community and together" - reflect the essence of Soul in the City. "To me," AKS said, "there's no conflict between hip hop values and Christian values."

Councillor Dee Hunt, Mayor of Barking & Dagenham, visited all our Soul Week projects and said: "It's absolutely fantastic. We need more of them." Soul Week 2 involved:

Saturday 29th July, 7.00pm - London-wide SOULINTHECITY event at Kingsway International Christian Centre (E15 2EE) featuring Nicky Cruz and the Truce Crew.

Community Projects: Monday 31st July – Friday 4th August, 10.00am–12noon & 1.00–3.00pm

* Greatfields Park, Barking – renewing crazy paving in the Rose Garden;
* Mayesbrook Park, Dagenham – painting the lakeside lock-ups;
* St Chad’s Park, Chadwell Heath – painting the Cricket Pavilion and renovating benches.

Open Air Events & Workshops:

* Monday: Graffiti Art workshop & mural painting, 10am – 3.00pm, Newlands Park, Thames View;
* Tuesday: Street Dance workshop & community picnic, 1.00–5.00pm, Mayesbrook Park, Dagenham;
* Wednesday: Games Afternoon & community picnic, 3.00–5.00pm, St Chad’s Park, Chadwell Heath;
* Thursday: Football Skills/Tricks workshop & refreshments – 1.00-5.00pm, Greatfields Park, Barking.

Friday 4th August, 7.00-9.00pm - Soul Week Celebration at Elim Christian Centre, Axe Street, Barking. Young performers, worship bands, testimonies & refreshments.

Saturday 5th August, 7.00pm - London-wide event at Carling Academy Brixton featuring singer-songwriter Andy Flannagan & Lou Fellingham plus hip hop artists 29th Chapter, Judah & Secret and Jahaziel. Hosted by Patrick Regan (XLP) & Jonathan Oloyede (Glory House).

The London-wide theme for Soul Week 2 was 'Louder than words ...' knowing that words can come easily, but actions are harder and can speak a thousand words. In Soul Week 2 we aimed to speak a thousand words by practically demonstrating the love of Jesus to our borough.

Say what you think about Soul Week 2 by clicking here.














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